Final Year Week University Of Benin. Nigeria

What an intriguing moment for every eyes that behold the final year week of various faculties in the UNIVERSITY OF BENIN. It was really a moment filled with glamour. MASSA Management Science Student Association has proven outstanding once again. They all presented themselves in glaring attire that causes laughter to every eyes that catch a glimpse. First it was a guy with a white towel and a belt to support it on guard, we were all surprise to see a live Olokun priestess displaying her frenzy moves, we get to see choker, a couple of others dressed in prisoner uniform. Some of them off cause became so old overnight, looking very funny with their grey beards which I know they get to develope within a night. The one that really steal the show was the duke of MASSA how fascinating he was in his attire. No one could help but to take a photo. He was embellishingly dressed along side his beautiful mistress. I won’t forget to mention the all fascinating Cinderella in her all white adorable gown. Every moment for sure was a piece regretful not to behold
It was really a crazy frenzy atmosphere for FASA Faculty of Arts Student Association. It was really done on either the guys or the girls that it’s neither easy to be a man or a woman. Indeed how crazy it was, when guys tends to dress like girls and girls like guys. We saw bearded guys having breast and the ability to distinguish between the girls and the boys a threat it has posed.
It was really fun and every moment a humour caused. THE FINAL WEEK CONTINUES, I’LL KEEP YOU POSTED

Ideas so far from me on how it’s done in your part of the world.
But MOONLIGHT in Africa a memory for once we never thought facade without a reward.
How in animating mood every moment looks lighting
From the saying of the sage and advice of the Grannies our youths enlightened

Africa MOONLIGHT never wane without story telling
Up above the mountains the moonlight shines so bright
And no matter how hot the sun seems scorching at day, evening finds it chilling
How fascinating on every side is the event that envelope the site.

Words of wisdom comes from the sage
And event long past echoed in the heart of the bodied youths
The sage in no mute keeps preaching of the deeds of the forefathers
In so much attempt to stir up the spirit of they that hear

MOONLIGHT in Africa a time when groom finds their bride
Maidens in embellish beauty surface with their warm attire and beads of
attraction round about their waste.
They sing and dance to the delight of the ruddy handsome youth
Who cheer in approval to those their heart in no doubt have singled out for a wife

Indeed we are dark. But in the dark therein reveals our true identity

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